World – What the Hell is Happening in Europe and the West?

This post comes with a warning: if you can’t deal with weird ideas, stop reading right now.  I am a devotee of ideas, all ideas, even those that seems so far out of the stratosphere that most people cannot grasp them.  I feel that just because an idea sounds strange, it does not mean that it is unsound, or ludicrous.  Just as you can find a nickle hidden under a dust-bunny, you can find an infinite number of truths hidden within the clouds of outlandish sounding hypotheses.  So, please allow me to formulate a couple of hypotheses that may offend some people, and cause other people to scratch their heads in bewilderment.

So, the question is, what the hell is happening to Europe and the West?  By that I mean, what is going on with the mass immigration that is literally drowning the indigenous populations of countries such as France, Germany, the UK, and Sweden?  I am neither right-wing, nor left-wing in my politics, but I am acutely aware of the fact that left-wingers are going to pitch a hissy-fit over what I am about to put forward, and the fact that I am completely appalled by the situation as it is unfolding.  Europe and the West are drowning, and the question is if it is being done intentionally for nefarious purposes.

Theory 1

The notion of population replacement has been bandied about by various right-wing pundits, and while this has some basis as a theory, I feel that it is somewhat off the mark.  The problem with the theory is that it denotes a slow takeover of Europe and the West in an almost natural process.  Huge amounts of immigrants are brought in, they breed more prolifically than the local populations and interbreed with Caucasians, and thus, inch by inch, a new European people is created.  This theory presupposes that left-wing governments are stupid twits with visions of one muddy-colored world race.

I think this is not what is happening.  Caucasians are a special race from a global perspective; we discovered that the key to success and prosperity is smaller families.  We can put more resources into our children if we have less of them.  A loaf of bread goes a lot further if there are only three or four mouths to feed.  Houses can be bigger because fewer people need to be packed into the available acreage.  Smaller families mean better standards of living.  That is our strength.  Unfortunately, some people mistake it for our weakness.

Because we don’t breed prolifically, I believe that it is possible that some of the ‘powers-that-be’ have decided we are a race that is about to die out.  Our lands, therefore, are up for grabs.  If the reader is familiar with the shenanigans that go on in the shadows, it will not be too big a stretch to envision what I am about to put forward.  You only need to have an understanding of how the State of Israel came into existence, in order to understand what may just be behind the inundation of Europe and the West by largely Muslim, Middle-Eastern, and African migrants.   In a nutshell, our lands have been given given away while we are still living in them.  Somewhere, some schmuck, has cut a deal with someone in that part of the world, basically saying to them, ‘They’re dying out anyway, so you take their lands, and we get XYZ in return’.

Sound familiar?  Except for the dying out part?  Does the Balfour Declaration mean anything to you?  And, what happened next, once it came into existence?  A gigantic war that literally drove Jews who had integrated into European society, and did not want anything to do with a Jewish homeland, into that very homeland.  You may also have heard about the purported plans of Rothschild Zionism (a bastardized and hijacked version of Zionism) to extend the boundaries of Israel into neighboring Arab states.  Well, where do you think those local populations are going to go?

You got it: into the new lands that have been given to them in Europe.

That is one interesting theory to consider.  There is another, far stranger one that could be happening.  This one draws on ideas that come from the likes of David Icke, L.A. Marzulli, and quite a few others who talk about the same things, albeit from vastly different perspectives.

Theory 2

This is a fun one, if quite hair-raising.  If you are not familiar with the biblical Nephilim and Rephaim, I suggest that you become familiar with the topic.  The Nephilim and Rephaim were the descendants of the fallen angels, giant in stature, and quite nasty pieces of work by all accounts.  Some people theorize that they were the what we call the Old Gods, and that some people living today may still carry their genetic code.  In other words, there is a genetic composition which may make it possible for the fallen angels to re-enter the world.

A similar story is believed by hard-core ufologists.  In their version, the fallen angels were really aliens, and we are now in a period of time where an active alien-human interbreeding program is underway.  This interbreeding program would enable aliens to integrate into this world and live here with us.  However, it does not end there.  The long-term goal is to upgrade human genetics through hybridization, thus producing a new type of superior human being.

Sadly, some ufologists welcome this advent.  They think it a wonderful thing.  Those who take a biblical perspective on it realize that what might be happening is the recreation of the times of Noah, when the descendants of the fallen angels were roaming around the planet causing all sorts of mischief and mayhem.  To be brief, no matter which side of it you look at it from, the idea is to spread a certain genetic code far and wide, thus enabling a non-human race to re-enter the world.

How do you like them apples?  If you do a little research into people who claim to have this alien-human bloodline, you will notice that there is something terribly off with them.  If that is what a ‘superior’ human is supposed to be like, the original version is at least a thousand times superior.  The ‘hybrids’ all behave like a computer program that is riddled with bugs and viruses.

Okay, so how does this relate to what is happening in Europe and the West?  Well, we are being flooded with people who come from the exact area that the Nephilim and Rephaim touched down in, and spread their seed throughout.  The genetic code might be trying to assert itself, and spread through populations that do not carry it.  Intentional, or otherwise, this might be an invasion of real illegal aliens!

Well, there you have it.  Two off-the-wall theories that you can mull over while Europe burns.  I give you something to think about… .