Social – The Plague of the Left

Once again, I will emphasize that I am neither left nor right in my politics.  I don’t believe that an intelligent person should trudge along, stalwartly supporting specific political parties, groups, or stances simply because they define themselves as ‘liberal’ or ‘conservative’.  A person should always follow their conscience, giving their support where something is good, and withdrawing it where it is bad.  The rest of the time they should sit on the fence, and carefully observe the shape of things before formulating a course of action, or taking a position.

All right, now that that has been clarified, let us get to the issue at hand: the plague of social justice bullshit that is plaguing the political and social left, and the fact that the political and social right either just don’t get it, or are intentionally avoiding the elephant in the room.

Whaaaaa….?????  The right are reacting, and vociferously so!  True, but they still either don’t get it, or are too afraid to address this particular elephant.  The elephant I am referring to is a nasty bugger; it is the elephant of perversion, and pressurized recruitment to join in it.

Whaaaaa….?????  Okay, let’s put it this way: we are now being accused of homophobia if we prefer to have sex with members of the opposite.  We are accused of racism if we prefer to have sex exclusively with members of our own race.  We are accused of whateverism if we say that, as women, we only view people with penises as males, and will only sleep with males that have penises, and, if you are a man, that you don’t consider a woman as a woman if she has, or ever did have, a penis, and refuse to sleep with any woman who has, or ever did have, a penis.

That is one big elephant to be avoiding!  Decrying this turn of events as simply another example of social justice gone berserk is not addressing what is going on here.  Yes, the point of all social justice is to bully others into shutting up and putting up with their objectionable and often unbalanced behavior and points of view.  In other words, the tyranny of the minority over the majority.   But, there is something much darker going on when it comes to the attack on normal, and highly personal, sexual preferences.

The response to this on the right side of the political/religious spectrum is to babble on about how who we sleep with is a ‘preference’ and not the terrain of social justice.  Weak response, and one that is completely lacking in understanding.  Some people show concern about how transgenderism is being forced on kids too young to even understand the difference between boys and girls, let alone to have decided that they are a girl in a boy’s body, or vice-versa.  They show concern about the effects of hormone treatment on young children.  No one, however, sees this as a recruitment process, and an attempt to force unwilling individuals into participating in deviant sexual practices.  Which is what it is.  We are now in a phase in the deviant-sexual-practices-acceptance movement where ‘live and let live’ is no longer enough.  Everyone must now be drawn in and participate.

I am going to go back to the start of the women’s ‘liberation’ movement for an example.  The claim of the women’s movement back then was that women held the rights to their own bodies, and could do with them as they pleased.  Until then, women were expected to remain chaste, and have sex only with their legally wedded husbands, generally providing it whenever the husband requested it.  Early feminists claimed that they wanted women to have the freedom to have sex only when they wanted it, and with whomever they wanted to do it – even if they were not married.  But what happened?  Over time, women pretty much lost the right to say ‘no’.  They are now pressured to have multiple sexual partners, and to engage in casual sex on a regular basis.  If a woman (or man) is not comfortable with sleeping around, then they are told that something is wrong with them.  Many women (and men) feel obliged to have sex, and to do it with people they barely know, and/or have no interest in pursuing an actual relationship with.

How much better is that for women?  They’ve moved from baby-making machines to sexual machines – ready to do it with anyone who pops a quarter into their slot.  So much for getting away from sex-on-demand with your husband.  Only the partner has changed; it’s gone from one steady person, to numerous people that you barely know.

So we can see that the whole woman’s movement thing was only gearing up to make sex more accessible, more anonymous, and harder to say ‘no’ to.  Next we see what was happening in Norway thirty years ago.  This is where I first noticed the phenomenon of women having sex with someone outside of their racial group in order to prove a lack of racism.

Yes, back in the late 1980s it was already common for Norwegian women to hunt down and bed foreign men, usually African and Middle Eastern migrants and refugees.  As one friend of mine (an Iraqi migrant) told me, ‘They sleep with us, but we don’t feel they really like us’.  In fact, it was common knowledge among the immigrant community that men needed to beware of the local women because of this. I’ve since met a number of other foreign men who spent time in Scandinavia, but no longer live there, who have confirmed having the same experience.  From a North American perspective it seems insane that someone would use sex as a way of what we now call ‘virtue signalling’.  Yet, it occurred, and it was not mere exoticism – that is, a taste for foreign men or women.

I find a tremendous ‘ick factor’ in anyone using their body this way, and now we are faced with extreme leftists attempting to further break down the barrier between normal sexuality and deviant behavior.  Transsexuals, homosexuals, and other groups are now pressuring straight people to engage in non-heterosexual sex acts.  Media is slamming us with message after message that you are a dangerous Nazi if you not only do not accept, but are also not willing to participate in, various forms of deviant sex.  This includes group sex, homosexual sex, and other things too gross to mention.

Time to wake up, ladies and gentlemen.  This is not about being pressured to put up with in-your-face sexual deviance; it is about converting you to it.  What do you think that disgusting Bill Nye ice-cream video is all about?  The vanilla ice-cream is surrounded by all other ‘flavors’ and forcibly ‘persuaded’ to ‘taste’ one of the other flavors.  He does, and ‘presto!’ is converted.  The next thing you know, he is partying in the tub with all of them at one time, and even calling nuts in to join them.  What are the nuts supposed to represent?  Animals?  Children?  It has to be something that doesn’t fall into the spectrum of represented by the various ice-cream flavors.  Something to think about, isn’t it?

The question is, why this emphasis on sex, promiscuity, and sexual perversion?  Why is it not enough to simply be accepting of ‘alternative’ lifestyles?  Why are we now being pushed to participate in those perversion, or risk all sorts of accusations if we refuse?  Well, it is the story of Sodom and Gomorrah all over again, but this time on a global scale.  The perverts are banging on our doors, demanding we turn over the strangers we are sheltering, so that they can sodomize them in the streets.  That is where this is headed.