Kill the Bearer of Bad News, or ‘I Don’t Think Marine Will Win’

There is an ever increasing incidence of people desiring to kill the bearers of bad news these days.  Whether you be on the right or the left side of the socio-political spectrum, if you don’t mindlessly regurgitate what a your group wants to hear, you’re going to have an ass-whopping amount of hate thrown your way.  This goes double and triple if you’re not an official member of ‘the tribe’.  If you’re just sort of weighing in, cautioning people not to get carried away by their own fantasies and desires, telling them to look a little closer at the evidence, or reminding them that cultural and social mores are not identical everywhere, you are certain to be called a lot of nasty things, and be ridiculed to no end.  That is just the norm these days.  Self-appointed leaders tell their followers just what they want to hear, basing their ‘expertise’ on … . On what, exactly?  Yeah, they base it on quite a few things that turn out to be hot air, in the end.

I’ve seen a sickening amount of pontification going on with regards to the French elections.  The political/social right has battened on to the notion that Marine Le Pen will win, and that it will be good thing.  They think she performed brilliantly in yesterday’s debate, and handed Macron a steaming plate of crow.  They have appropriated the ‘I’m With Her’ hashtag used by the Hillary Clinton campaign, and promised mysterious interventions on her behalf if needed.  They have also roused the cult of Pepe, for good measure.

Something is seriously wrong here.  There is an interesting assertion by occultists that the whole Pepe thing is an attempted resurrection of an old Egyptian god, and a particularly nasty one, at that.  The god Kek loves nothing more than to make cucks out of everyone, including his followers, and strangely enough, the occultists have predicted this happening.  I get the uncomfortable feeling that many of the Pepe meme-masters actually do believe they’re working some sort of meme-magick.  Kind of creepy, and the memes being produced are coming extremely close to religious in nature.  However, I don’t think that invoking the blessing of Kek is going to work this time around, as it did in the Trump campaign.  You see, the US is not France, and France is not the US.  The situations are completely different, even if the sad choice of final candidates is similar.

The French speak their minds.  United Statesians are easily cowed by public and private opinion.  As a result, unlike the French, they do not speak their minds openly when they think they are going to catch flak for it.  The reason the polls in the US election were wrong was because people lied to the pollsters, rather than admit they hated Hillary.  When they went into the voting booths, however, they voted they way they wanted to, and in so doing, caused the left-wing mainstream media to have a collective heart attack and hissy-fit.  Right-wing pundits saw it coming, though, and predicted the outcome accordingly.

I have never met a Frenchman, or Frenchwoman, who was afraid to voice their opinion, no matter how strong the opposition to their opinions.  The French picture themselves as intellectuals, and have a massive distaste for low-brow antics.  They also have a certain history with right-wing politics which makes the older generation quite wary of what the Le Pen family represents.  The French sense of nationalism is also far removed from that of the US.   Liberté, égalité, fraternité.  Liberty, equality, brotherhood.  They take these notions seriously.  To the French, the French nation encompasses more than just the country of France.  It is a pan-global crusade for the supremacy of the French language.  There is something called, ‘the French-speaking world’, and it consists of nations in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and also parts of Canada.  The French in France may not consider all of these other nations equal to them, but they do consider internationalism as an important part of the drive to keep their language from disappearing into the annals of Anglo history.

That is a mindset few people in the US and Britain understand.  The French long ago gave up on ethnicity alone as a way of keeping their language and legacy alive.  They understand that the only way to combat the dreaded Anglo invasion was to convert people of other ethnic groups to the French language.  To that end, Quebec has been importing African immigrants from former French colonies for decades.  That is the only way their beloved language can be kept alive, and made to thrive.

So, a melting pot is not something the French are afraid of, or unfamiliar with.  If they have to choose between keeping baguettes alive in the face of invading kabobs, and keeping their language alive in the face of Anglo invasion, they’ll learn to love kabobs.  Understand?

For that reason, I don’t think the French see what is happening in France, as horrible as it is, in quite the same way as people on the outside do.  The situation has not reached critical mass yet.

I also think that yesterday’s debate, which I was not watching, did more damage to Le Pen than it did to Macron.  The French detest the ‘ugly American’.  Their intellect is insulted by uncouth antics, which is why Macron had refused to debate Le Pen if she was planning on reducing things to the same sort of low-brow name-calling US politics is riddled with.  Reviews of the debate indicate that the French were disgusted with what it degenerated into: an American (read Anglo) style mud-slinging match.  Viewers in the US might have loved it, but the French did not.

Then there is how Le Pen is coming across of late.  She seems to not only have appropriated Hillary’s hashtag; she has also appropriated a lot of Hillary’s entitlement-to-the-position attitude.  If Le Pen loses, I am certain that right-wingers will be screaming identical things to what Hillary-supporters were screaming.  ‘It was her turn.‘  ‘She was better qualified.’ ‘Macron has no experience.’  I already see it coming.  Marine is turning into the Hillary of France – albeit without the heavy stench of ungodly corruption.

Macron, meanwhile, seems utterly clueless, and rather surprised to find himself as a contender.  People are already shouting about him being corrupt, and/or the bankers’ candidate, but with no track record, and no real platform, what he is, or will become is anyone’s guess.  Like hapless Justin Trudeau, he represents nothing.  He is a ball of fluff.  A piece of lint.  The one thing everyone is sure of, though, is that he is not Le Pen, and does not represent the ugly stuff of the far right.

That, for me, is the clincher.  Something has happened with Le Pen.  It is like the mask has slipped a bit, and her real self is starting to show.  She seems arrogant, entitled, and hard.  I don’t like what I am seeing.  It is creeping me out.  If I see it, I am certain that the undecided French voters can see it, too.  If I was voting in the French elections, I would vote Macron – which is quite a different choice than what I would have made a few weeks ago.  However, then, as now, I did not believe Le Pen would win.  The difference is that today, I actually think her not winning might actually be a good thing.