World – The Desperation of the Right or How Le Pen Supporters Shot Their Own Feet Off

How do you turn a sympathetic potential supporter into a vehement enemy?

Easy.  Do what Le Pen supporters did last night; organize the release of hacked emails of questionable veracity.

Hey, ladies and gents, this was no WikiLeaks operation.  The emails were not vetted and examined for weeks prior to their release in order to ascertain authenticity.  The people releasing these emails are not renowned for their integrity, nor do they care about the veracity of any and all information they release to the public.  These people care only about one thing: getting Le Pen elected.

Why am I so sure that this is the handiwork of Le Pen supporters?  Well, in the video entitled ‘Patrick Le Brun – French Presidential Election: First Round Results‘, Patrick Le Brun speaks openly about plans to wage a last minute, unnamed action in order to create a Le Pen victory, and then asks for contributions in order to fund it.  Co-incidence?  Maybe, but someone pulled this stunt with exactly the same intention as stated by Mr. Le Brun.

As I said in my previous post on this topic, in the last week, more and more of Le Pen’s ugly side has been coming out.  Her supporters are also showing to what lengths they are willing to go in order to seize the Presidency of France.  I used the term ‘seize’ because these individuals have shown that they are not willing to accept the results of a free and fair election.  Influencing an election in the manner that they have attempted, and in the manner that they are planning over the next 24 hours, might be considered ‘dirty politics’ by many, and not an actual seizure.  I see it differently.  It is an attempt by the forces of the political right in the USA and Great Britain (mainly) to impose a government on the people of France, and to interfere with the French presidential elections to that end.

What I have to point out is that, since these parties are not French in origin, they also woefully lack any understanding of what is happening in France, and how the French see the situation.  The US/UK grasp of other people’s politics is laughable at the best of times.  At the worst of times, it is completely homicidal.  We saw the homicidal in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Latin America, Asia, and whole host of other places.  Laughable was when Canadians had the chance to be amused US broadcasters predicting civil war in our country following the 1976 Quebec provincial election was won by the Parti Quebecois.  The Unites States has a woeful lack of understanding when it comes to anything beyond its own borders, but a tremendous blood-lust that is forever gleefully anticipating bloodbaths breaking out over the most trivial disputes.

That is why the United States of America is so disdained, and despised by nations around the globe.

So now we have these yokels in the US and UK believing that they can ‘make Europe great again’ by forcing people like Le Pen into power.  They honestly seem to believe that by creating pepe-memes, and flaming anyone who disagrees with them on Twitter, they were somehow responsible for Trump winning in 2016, and will do the same for Le Pen in 2017.

Utter bullshit.  An untrained monkey could have won the US election if it were running against Hillary Clinton.  The media missed this fact because it is owned by the same people who own Hillary.  I also suspect that there may have been an intentional attempt to rile up people against Trump so that he’d gain sympathy votes, since the voting public in the US is know to vote with their emotions and not with their brains.  So, in the end, it was probably co-incidence the Trump won the election, and not the influence that the hoard of pepe-meme creators sincerely believe they wielded.

With this latest stunt, however, the Pepes (as I will call them) ended up hoisting themselves on their own petards.  They obviously thought their plan was brilliant; release the emails, which probably are heavily mixed with b.s., after the 48-hour pre-election ban went into effect, and Macron would not be able to utter a word in his own defense.  No one would be able to question the veracity of the documents, or respond to them.  The plan was like tying someone up so that you could piss on them freely.

But the fools were too cunning by far – that is, they were so full of their own bullshit that they could not see how stupid they really were.  The ban also covered the documents they ‘released’.

And now they are screaming ‘foul’.

Too bad for them.  Their plan appears to have failed miserably.  But, aside from the utter stupidity of shooting themselves in the foot by not failing to grasp something as basic as the ban applying to their questionable documents, is how their actions only reinforced the image of the alt-right and far-right as people who will pull any dirty trick in order to win.  It showed the ugly face behind the mask.  With the history of the political right in Europe, particularly in countries that were occupied during WWII, displaying even the slightest bit of ugliness, and willingness to subvert a free and fair electoral process, is suicide.  The undecided are not going to see Macron as the doer of evil; they will see Le Pen and her supporters as dangerous and not to be trusted.  Moreover, they will see the political right once more working in collusion with foreigner political ideologies that want to take over the country.

The idiots behind this could not have done a stupider thing.  Then again, as I said previously, the Egyptian god Kek is a god who is know to end up biting his own worshipers in the ass and making them the butt of their own joke.