Eschatology – Is the Sky Really Falling?

I have just had a really good laugh, which unfortunately means that this post is going to go off-track right from the get-go.  I had meant to discuss biblical eschatology, and a very important sign of the end of times/coming of the apocalypse which has yet to be fulfilled.  Instead, I am going to deal with the Chicken Little ‘sky is falling’ fallout from yesterday’s French elections.  The far-right conspiratorial community is now running around in an advanced state of hysteria because it has mistaken the Louvre for an ‘Illuminati pyramid’.

Yes, you read correctly.  The Louvre figures prominently in a post-election image of Emmanuel Macron, and the lunatic right-wing are having a tizzy-fit over it.  They now claim it as proof positive of Macron’s satanist leanings.  Have a look at the tweet below: jjones saten

If you are not pissing yourself laughing over the sheer ludicrousness of it, then, my friend, there is something wrong with you.  This is hilarious.  It highlights just how terrified the right wing has become as a result of its own propaganda.  It is now hiding under the bed, fearful that the dust-bunnies might actually be Islamic terrorists coming to get it.

Spurious rumors have been circulated about the Louvre, and it’s architect, I.M. Pei, almost from the moment the building was commissioned.  Its odd composition and structure, which contrasts greatly with surrounding buildings, has proved irresistible to conspiracy theorists.  So, yes, the notion that the Louvre is a secret Illuminati project is a dearly cherished belief in conspiracy-theory circles.

However, the Louvre is also the second-most famous landmark in Paris, and, unlike the Eiffel Tower, it is synonymous with French culture at its finest.  I am, admittedly, not aware of what the exact purpose of holding his victory speech in front of the Louvre, if it is a tradition, or if it was a choice made as a symbol of a French culture that includes traditional and modern elements – the modern being the unorthodox architecture of  I.M. Pei.  My expertise in French culture does not reach that far, despite my familial and providential/cultural connections to France.

Looking at it from a different angle, Macron could also have staged his victory speech at the Eiffel Tower, or have made it in front of a canvas backdrop imprinted with an image of a baguette and chunk of Brie.  Or, maybe even pop on a beret.  All scream ‘France’, but not all have class.  The conspiracy theorists would, no doubt, have found secret satanic meanings in all of those symbols.  The Eiffel Tower?  It would represent a penis, and thus satanic sex rituals involving raping and murdering children.  Baguette and brie? Coded symbols of an Illuminati pedophilia ring.  A beret?  Admission of secret UFO bases in France.

Anyone determined to find hidden meanings in mundane imagery will find hidden meanings in mundane imagery.  You have to ask yourself where do these people draw the line?  Thousands of tourists take selfies in front of the Louvre every month.  Are all of these people trying to send secret messages to the world that they are closet satanists?

When the chips are down, though, this latest stupidity really takes the cake.  Why?  Because I honestly believe that the person who started this nonsense really was completely clueless that the ‘Illuminati pyramid’ in the publicity photo was, in fact, the Louvre, and that it was taken during Macron’s victory speech.  That, or they intentionally wanted to start what used to be called a ‘Satanic Panic’.  Then Jones picked it up, and still blissfully unaware of what the Louvre looks like, passed it on to his rabid, sensationalist seeking anti-new world order hungry followers. In the end, they all just wound up looking like completely ignorant cretins who didn’t recognize an international landmark like the Louvre.

It is so ridiculous, it is absolutely pathetic.  These people are consumed with terror and hatred to the extent that their immediate reaction upon being confronted with anything they don’t immediately recognize – that is, anything found outside of the US or UK – is to shriek in fear and brand it satanic.

The truth, my friends, is that these people, the far- and alt-right, are horrendous cowards.  They believe the word is about to be taken over by Satan and his minions, and the only way to protect themselves is through purchasing water filters and pills that enhance the male libido.  They have also scared themselves silly over the issue of Islamic encroachment on Europe and North America.  Their terror, as well as their rabid need to export US-styled hard-right conservatism to other countries in order to feel safe at home, has clearly driven them almost completely over the edge.  Their vitriolic attack on anyone who doesn’t agree with them, including the French who do not want anything to do with US-style politics, is ample proof of the fact.

It is also proof of their utter ignorance when it comes to the history and culture of other countries.  The French created the Foreign Legion, which still exists today.  After their country fell to the Germans, they regrouped in the south and formed Vichy.  Their resistance was one of the toughest and bravest of WWII.  The French are not the cowards in this picture.  They know Islam better than most nations do.  They know the problem is complex for a number of reasons that are unknown to the US-led hysterical right.

Algeria is former French colony.  When the French pulled out, they did what would be unthinkable to the far-right in the US and UK: they brought the Algerians who collaborated with their regime back to France with them.  This was the correct thing to do, since these people had helped them, but now faced death and retribution at the hands of their country for having done so.  Sadly, the children of these Algerians have not been accepted fully into French culture, and as a result, riots and violence has been breaking out periodically for decades.

Thus France has two problems: resolving the issue with the Algerians who cannot go home as a result of helping the French, and the more recent influx of undocumented refugees.  It is no wonder that Macron described the situation as mind-boggling.  France, however, chose to take a path that searches for solutions beyond simply expelling everyone who is not French, or whose religion is Islam.  Mind-boggling does not mean insoluble.  It simply means that it is going to take a hell of a lot work.  But, working it through is better than locking your borders and becoming backwater, because that is what happens when you do lock your borders.  You suffer economically, and you cease to be a player on the world stage, which is something the French will never allow to happen.

Yes, to the insane far- and alt-right, we are in a dangerous time.  Many religions and cultures believe it is the time of the end.  However, scaring yourselves to the point where you need adult diapers just to get through the day is not an indication of strength.  It is an indication of cowardice.  If the world is going to end, then at least make it an end that is worth a song.  Pissing your pants and shrieking in terror about the Louvre being an ‘Illuminati pyramid’ is definitely not worth a song.

Click the link in the text or here for Macron’s victory speech in front of the Louvre.