Hatred and Freedom of Speech

Like it or not, society is now engaged in a war of stupidity.  On the one side, we have the over-the-top-leftists trying to ban everything they don’t like, while simultaneously forcing everyone to accept what they do like.  On the other side, we have crazed-conservatives who trying to twist the concept of freedom of speech to include spewing vile invective at anyone who disagrees with them, and other acts of aggression against people who believe their ideas belong in the stone-age.

Both side are equally crazy.  Any sane person can see that straight up.  The crazed-conservatives, however, are really pissing me off of late.  Why?  Because the positions they have forced freedom of speech into, are more spectacular than those of a contortionist at an orgy.   They are also equally vulgar and repugnant.

Freedom of speech is supposed to be about the expression of ideas and opinions.  Put simply, it is being free to say that you believe orange and blue are a good color combination.  You are free to think it.  You are free to wear it.  People may disagree with you, but there is no reason to put you in jail over it.

What freedom of speech is not, is someone agitating to have you hurt, thrown in jail, thrown out of the country, or heaping insults on you because you choose to wear that color combination.  Unfortunately, this is what crazed-conservatives believe freedom of speech is there for; to heap insults on people for not doing what they want, not being who they want, not ascribing to their beliefs.  Calling a woman who chooses not to marry an old lady who stinks of cat piss (Sheila Gunn Reid, Gavin McInnes, and Faith Goldy of Rebel Media have all resorted to this insult at one time or another in recent months) is not exercising your freedom of speech – it is misogyny, even if comes from another woman.  If a specific person is called this, it is called slander, unless the person actually does wear clothes soaked in cat-piss.  Of course, if the person is a vet, or vet tech, it is just an occupational hazard – and an accident – and your motivation is most likely a malicious one.

Many of the crazed-conservatives of the right are hiding behind the argument of ‘freedom of speech’ in order to justify being mean, vicious, spiteful people.  When you see just how hate-filled some of them are, you can understand why young people of differing political beliefs, and young people from some of the Crazed-conservatives’ favorite target groups are demanding ‘safe spaces’.  Peace loving people just don’t want to deal with the type of aggressive, in-your-face hostility that these right-wing bullies exude even when they are silent.  The over-the-top-left may be going way too far in their sensitivity, and their demands, but I sure as hell would not want to be in the same room as someone who was seething with hatred for whatever they feel I represent.  Some people abhor confrontation, and it is their right not to have it imposed on them.

The problem is that crazed-conservatives don’t know the difference between freedom of speech/expression and bullying.  Or they just don’t care.  They tend to be pompous and sanctimonious, and are probably so convinced of their own righteousness, and the correctness of their positions, that they believe nothing about their behavior is wrong.  If a person ‘can’t take’ their bullying, their vitriol, and their insults, or if a person prefers to walk away from a fight with ignorant idiots, that person is accused of being a wuss who lives in their parents’ basement.  They preach that life is tough, so live with it, while they themselves are terrified of women who refuse to be dominated and dependent on men.

Fucking misogynist assholes, one and all.  They shit their own pants over the threat of Islamic terrorism to the point where they afraid of women in hijabs, while simultaneously calling over-the-top-leftists cowards for demanding the safe-spaces mentioned above.  At least the over-the-top-left isn’t demanding the deportation of the people that terrify them, or advocating the carpet bombing of the countries they come from so that they can feel safe.

You can’t expect much from people who take a sadistic pleasure in such bullshit as being ‘cruel to be kind’, or in refusing to give a beggar a dime is only ‘enabling’ them.  So they’re douches, on a par with the people who gather around below the ledge a suicidal person is standing on, gleefully shouting ‘Jump!  Jump!  JUMP!’.  Living in a free society means we have to live with them, no matter how unpleasant and filled with hate they are.  They have a right to have their own ideas, but there is a line that we cannot allow to be crossed, and they are crossing it.

Is it all right to hold talks that question the facts about the holocaust?  Yes.  I welcome that, in fact.  It is a field that needs to be opened up and investigated.  Is it all right to hold a rally in favor of Israeli settlements?  Yes, if you have the correct permits.  The same goes for any rally or march.  If you have the permits and behave yourselves, then it is fine.  No permits, no march or rally.  Engage in destructive behavior and other violence, then I wholly approve of your being rounded up, put into a holding cell, and eventually fined.  That is where free speech ends; when you use it as an excuse to engage in violence, verbal or physical, or to stir up hatred and intolerance against a group or an individual.

Is it fine for US celebrities to be inciting violence against Trump supporters?  No, they are encouraging violence.  Is it fine for them to slander their president?  No.  That is verbal violence.  Is it fine for crazed-conservatives to whip up fear of Muslims in general, and/or whip up anger against Muslim women who choose to wear a head-covering of one sort or another, or a burkini?  No.  That is inciting fear and hatred of a group in its entirety.  Is it okay to spread the lie that all Jews are part of the plot to establish the ‘New World Order’? No.  That is the same as whipping people into a frenzy over women in burkinis a and head-scarves.  It is stupid and intolerant, and the doing of cowards.

Is it all right to force people to refer to you using made-up pronouns, and to try to get a man fired for refusing to use your made-up language?  No.  That is forcing someone else to participate in your fantasy, when that person would rather live in the real world.  Is it all right to denigrate women who choose not to pursue a traditional married-with-kids lifestyle?  No, because we know ourselves better than you do, and are not going to force ourselves into the boxes your fear of independent women makes you want to force all women into.

Do you have the right to spew vitriol and call it ‘freedom of speech’? Sorry, but no.  When I look at crazed-conservatives, I see an ocean of hate, and I see a potential danger that only people who have lived through, or had family that lived through WWII, or other totalitarian/authoritarian regimes seem to recognize.  I find that the over-the-top-left does have some ground to their fears of right-wing fascism.  What I see is a lot of hate being directed at specific groups that don’t belong in their scheme of things.  And that, my friends, is very dangerous.  It is not freedom of speech.  It is freedom of speech being used to silence opposition through verbal bullying.