We, The Other Sheep!

From my Steemit blog (https://steemit.com/@ajdohmen) :

lying-sheep-112971048625bXphoto: Photo: Lying Sheep by Petr Kratochvil

The world has a very big problem, and it is based on the rather stupid notion that the Jewish people are God’s ‘chosen’ people. That is, ‘chosen’ as taken in a positive, or elitist, sense. It seems that at least two thirds of the planet are vying for the right to consider themselves as ‘God’s Favorite People’, and doing so in the strangest ways. The remaining one-third of the planet, quite frankly, doesn’t give a shit about all the nonsense and jealousy surrounding the ridiculous notion that God loves one race of people more than all the others He created. This post isn’t about them. This post is about the two-thirds who are literally killing each other in order to claim the title of God’s favorite.

It all started with the proliferation of Judeo-Christianity, which equates the Jewish God as the Creator God. Since Judeo-Christianity spread itself via the Jewish diaspora before breaking into the ‘gentile’ nations, it is no surprise that its Jewish progenitors claimed a special, ‘first born’ privilege for themselves in the new religion. Then, along came a third religion. This religion, however, sprang up among other Semitic tribes. Naturally, if God had a chosen people taken from Semitic tribes, they were eligible to lay claim to the title of God’s favorite people.

In short, it became something of a family feud. Who does daddy love more? Which of us is the favorite? The end result is the disaster we now have.

In the Christian world, meanwhile, we now have sects that actively attempt to co-opt Jewish tradition and rituals in order to graft themselves into ‘God’s Chosen People’. We have the entire ‘Israel can do nothing wrong’ movement. As Christians of non-Jewish bloodlines, there is now a tendency to think of ourselves as the child less favored by God, so we try to make up for it by slobbering all over everything Jewish and Israeli.

How sad and how far from the truth we have fallen!

Personally, I prefer to look at the Old Testament as a sordid history of how bad a people can get, and how far from the ways of the Creator God they can fall. Instead of taking it as a glorification of the Jewish people, it should be taken as a lesson of what not to do if you want to stay on the right side of God. It is the long story of how a people became a mega pain-in-the-ass to a God who wanted mercy for the weak, and kindness between humans. If God ‘chose’ Abraham and his descendants, it was probably not because He thought them superior to all the other peoples of the world. It was, more likely, because He needed to use them to produce a specific end. He looked down, assessed the candidates, and selected Abraham for the job. This does not mean that He loved them more, or that He considered them the ‘first born’, with all the rights of the first born (double share of everything), but only that He had a plan and needed someone to do the job.

Let me put this to you: if God loved the Jewish people more than all other people in the world, why did He keep kicking them out of the land He gave them, while everyone else around them got to stay? And, why did He not let them take land from certain peoples, citing that those people had not yet pissed Him off enough to merit it yet? God obviously loved those people too, and kept a watchful eye on them.

We have to put aside the notion that God has one ‘chosen’ people. You must remember that we get that notion from the Jewish people themselves, and not from God. God did pick Abraham out to do a job, but having your father select you to go to the store to get milk does not make you his favorite. If you believe Christian and Jewish scripture, then you probably believe that the whole point of the undertaking was to eventually enable God to come into the world in human form. So, then why nt look at what Jesus had to say about the matter:

“I have other sheep that are not of this sheep pen. I must bring them also.
They too will listen to my voice, and there shall be one flock and one shepherd.”
John 10:16 (NIV)

Yes, according to Jesus, the Jewish people do not have a stranglehold on God’s favor. The Jewish people were just one pen of sheep on a farm with many pens. Each of those pens has its own traditions, and is filled with its own people. There are pens filled with sheep of all colors, and a pink sheep doesn’t have to get its fur dyed white in order to win favor with the shepherd. In fact, it is silly to even try such a thing. The shepherd loves all his sheep, no matter what pen they came from.


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