Ufology- Some Fun Ideas About Body Duplicates

Anyone who has dabbled in ufology, as well as many who haven’t, know about the infamous alien anal probe.  Nobody, to the best of my knowledge, has any explanation as to why aliens like probing humans anally.  The aliens, for their part, have a tendency to keep changing the story, depending on whom they happen to be kidnapping, and what they are probing at the time.  In general, however, it is pretty much agreed that what these extraterrestrial visiting kidnappers are doing is harvesting human genetics and tissues.

Though what sort of genetic materials they are hoping to find by rooting around up people’s anuses is still a complete mystery.

Cattle mutilations are another infamous alien predilection, and, again, the theories are rampant, but truth is thin on the ground.

One interesting theory, and I believe that it is probably the best of the best, is that these aliens are not innocently creating hybrid off-spring in order to keep their dying race alive, but are actually creating human clones, or fleshly bodysuits.  The late Karla Turner did some interesting research into UFO phenomena, and came up with ideas on the topic that have somehow gotten lost in the mists of time.  One important thing that she noted was the complete unreliability of  witness testimony.  She theorized that people’s memories of the events could not be counted on, as there was evidence that the aliens themselves implanted false memories.  Another theory that she came up with was the one I mentioned above: that the aliens were constructing human bodies out of parts taken from both their human abductees and the animals they had mutilated.  She reported several witnesses telling her that their alien captors had threatened to ‘replace’ them with duplicates that they had constructed of that individual.  One or two witnesses even reported being forced to watch as their duplicate went out into the world and replaced them for a few hours or days.

This theory is absolutely amazing, and could well explain the inexplicable.  Why do some people in high-profile positions suddenly start behaving in ways completely alien (pun intended) to the character they have shown thus far?  Could it be that they have been replaced by a duplicate version of themselves?  One created in an alien laboratory?

Take the most recent example of Bill Nye.  Suddenly, out of the blue, poof!, he’s turned into a raving proponent of bad science!  Could the real Bill Nye have been replaced?  And what about President Donald Trump?  Could he also have been replaced?  Or is he just an opportunistic businessman who goes wherever the money takes him?

If this is possible, and there are aliens working for their own, nefarious agenda, wouldn’t it make sense for them to simply replace respected scientists, doctors, politicians, and entertainers with clones, and then use the very respectability these individuals have acquired to lead everyone down the garden path?

It doesn’t stop there.  If the aliens really are creating hybrids and inserting them into our societies, wouldn’t these illegal aliens of an extraterrestrial sort be charged with inciting havoc and forcing changes in the moral and intellectual fabric of society in order to soften it up for the coming takeover?  Wouldn’t you expect them to act sort of like the SJWs of both the political/social left and the political/social right as we are now seeing?

In fact, if you dig into ufology, you will find that these ‘hybrids’ don’t consider themselves human at all, but aliens who have been put into human bodies in vitro.  A partly human fetus is created, and their alien ‘soul’ is inserted into it.  They are then born to human women.  A number of ‘indigo‘ children claim this heritage, though, of course, it has not been proven.  But do note the emphasis on ‘feeling’, instead of thinking, that these people claim.

The concerning thing in all of this is the warm welcome many groups are planning for the aliens, should they decide to reveal themselves to us.  Groups such as Dr. Steven Greer’s ‘Sirius Disclosure’ and CE-5 Initiative, are actively attempting to reach out and touch alien life.  Literally.  They claim to have perfected meditative techniques that enable them to psychically contact aliens, and even switch psyches with them so that the aliens can enter their bodies and experience this planet, while CE-5 members have the glorious opportunity to psychically experience the alien’s planet.

In other words, they are now psychically channeling these aliens.

Oh, yes.  Indeed.  And these days, aliens also walk through walls, take people bodily through walls during kidnappings, and perform many acts that we used to ascribe exclusively to ghosts and spirits.  They also outfit their victims with implants that effectively control the people who have them – and these implants have actually been found and removed from numerous people.

In the face of all this, it is the idea of body-duplicates that really intrigues me, because it could be an explanation as to why you suddenly don’t know a person anymore, and why decent, logical people suddenly go weird – just like Bill Nye.  Karla Turner interviewed a number of people who claimed to have been threatened with replacement by their alien-clone if they did not go along with the program, and who knows if that is not now actually happening?

By the way, if you are interested in ufology, please start with the likes of Karla Turner, and steer clear of Steven Greer and his alien-loving outreach.  As in all things pertaining to the supernatural, do not allowed yourselves to be used as a conduit through which a non-physical being communicates.  You are giving your body over to someone else, and giving them permission, bit by bit, to take it over for themselves.  Anything, any spiritual path that demands ‘channeling’ of this nature is up to no good that I can see.  Your body is the underwear your spirit wears.  Only a real pervert lets other people wear their underpants.